Shadab College Of Education




Vice Principal's Message


Mrs. Mudasir Wani

  A warm and hearty welcome to all the viewers of the website of Shadab college of education.Our colleges purpose is to educate the youth to take their productive place as leaders in the global Community Where students needs are a priority.

As the vice Principal of Shadab college of education l am delighted that the college's values align with my own personal values including the importance of trust, respect, innovation and a sense of Community.I know that the development of the college over the past few years has been significant.The future will build on these firm foundations focusing on the quality of school life,especially for the benefits of our learners.The curriculum will continue to be regularly received to ensure that it remains appropriate to the needs of our learners.

We strongly believe in the importance of teachers,parents and administrators collaborating and communicating openly and frequently

A range of sporting and cultural activities are available for students to pursue.Our primary commitment is to find the true potential of our students and equip them for the future by providing them with necessary skills,knowledge and values.Due consideration for the academic interests of the under privileged and weak students need to be prioritised as well as career counselling at the entry and the leaving of college must be strengthened.

We are well supported by our encouraging Management Board.Enjoy looking through our Website and don't hesitate to contact us,If you have questions to be answered.





HOD's Message

Education is the backbone of every Nation & is the stepping stone for a Country.At Shadab college of education,We impart education that is based on Conscience & We feel proud to provide quality Education by equipping our students with Skills, Confidence & a positive approach with an all round development.The college is relentlessly striving to perceive & maintain academic excellence at the same time & encourages the students to participate in various co-curricular activities.I am confident that this college is the best place for your Child.We welcome your active interest and involvement in the progress and activities of your Child.We look forward to your continuous support